Q&A: Get to know our Production Coordinator Mariah

Working hard behind the scenes to make sure your content is created on time and to the highest standard is our super organised, coffee loving, Production coordinator Mariah! This week we speak to Mariah about her day-to-day life, what inspires her and her life outside of the office.

"Meeting new customers and being able to provide them with quality content is the most satisfying part of my job."
- Mariah Templonuev, Production Coordinator at Asset Factory

Tell us about yourself and what you do at Asset Factory. 

My tertiary background is in Graphic and Advertising Design. I worked in that space for a few years before moving on to try my hand at a few other roles. I’ve done a little bit of marketing in the construction industry and a dash of people wrangling and workload tetris-ing in the agency world. I’m a pretty fun mix of creative and pragmatic – which seems to align with being in production for a content creation business!

What does an average day look like for a Production Coordinator at Asset Factory?

My day-to-day is a busy mix of emails, making coffees, liaising with clients, juggling shoots and schedules, arranging office snacks, sorting through incoming and outgoing products, staring at thousands of images for quality control, the occasional garment steaming, and sometimes shooting and styling products too. It’s a classic small team, 10-hats scenario. Cliche as it is, every day is certainly different. 

What do you enjoy the most about your work at Asset Factory?

I’m a bit of a magpie, so I love seeing new brands and new products come through the studio doors. But, I think meeting new customers and being able to provide them with quality imagery and content is the most satisfying part of my job. 

How do you enjoy spending time outside of the office?

I’m a snacker and I love to eat. From exploring new cafes and restaurants, trying new cabinet items, to even just trying that unusual product from the supermarket – I’m there (I’m looking at you lentil chips). I also tinker in the kitchen at home and I reckon I make some pretty mean banana bread. 

Aside from food, I go for walks, frequent museums, art galleries, the library and occasional live entertainment such as stand up. I really enjoy immersing myself in places and events that offer a different point of view. I think of it as healthy escapism.