NZ sales hit new record and it’s all about local

Online shopping continues to grow faster than ever before. This poses a challenge for our ecommerce retailers. Accelerating customer demand means more content, more frequently and at a higher quality. NZPost has shared an excellent article that looks at online sales during 2021 and touches on what’s to come looking ahead to the final months of the year. Here are some of the highlights along with our own thoughts…

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According to NZPost, online spend in October 2021 was up 71% year on year and hit a massive $765 million. That’s an average of $25 million every single day. Not only are these numbers huge, but the growth is relevant. Consumers want to buy local. In October, 1.5 million kiwis shopped online and 74% of all online spend was with local retailers. (NZPost)

With lockdowns encouraging consumers to “buy local”, there has never been a better time to have an accessible digital presence. That’s where content comes in. Customers expect consistency, meaning your digital presence needs to be an extension of your in-store experience. The key to success is storytelling. The imagery and video you share should communicate something to your audience. A clear and concise message. This consistency will build brand trust and confidence. You become recognisable, the goal being for people to see your content and say “oh, it’s that brand.” Every component from in-store to digital should be complementary. To find out more about how to create great content, you can get in touch with our expert team here.

Spotlight stats: (NZ Post)

  • 2021 saw a $5.5 billion online spend
  • Online transactions were up 21% from last year and sit at 52.3 million
  • 1.5 million people shopped online in October 2021
  • Auckland made up 47% of New Zealand’s total online spend in October
  • 1.5 million kiwis shopped online in October alone

November and December are traditionally massive months for online sales and Christmas promotions. “Despite open stores, we expect online sales numbers for November and the rest of the year to once again reach new heights.” (NZPost)