Asset Factory's COVID-19 Level 3 Policy

Asset Factory is prioritising the safety of everyone who works with us and for us. Following the WHO guidelines and the New Zealand Government’s advice, here is what we’re doing to ensure Health & Safety within our studio during Level 3.

  • Providing a contactless only service for image capture and file return
  • Providing a designated contactless delivery station for couriers, drop off and pick-ups
  • Ensuring a ‘one in – one out’ client drop-off / pick up schedule
  • Ensuring anyone entering the premises signs in using our QR code (this includes product drop-off and pick-up in our contactless area) 
  • Ensuring staff who are essential to the job only are present inside the studio and are wearing masks at all times
  • We have rearranged facilities where needed to allow for social distancing of staff
  • Supplying hand sanitiser, gloves and masks
  • Ensuring staff are frequently washing their hands with the soap and sanitiser provided
  • Frequently cleaning our premises, especially counters and high touch surfaces
  • Thoroughly cleaning the studio and equipment after every shoot; sanitising all machines, iPads, Mannequins and bench spaces.
  • Ensuring one person at a time in the bathrooms